FAQ Lieblingsplatz

You have questions about Lieblingsplatz? In the following we have collected the most frequently asked questions for you.

What does all-inclusive rent mean?

At Lieblingsplatz there is an all-inclusive rent, which includes all utilities, including electricity and Wi-Fi. A special feature with us: we won’t bill your use of utilities and therefore you do not have to expect any additional payment*. And because sustainability is very important to us at Lieblingsplatz, your use (except electricity) and the average of all other apartments are visualized in the tenant app. Apart from the broad­casting fee (GEZ), there are no other costs/fees.

*Only if your use of utilities is more than 50% higher than the average consumption of all other apartments, you will be charged additional costs.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, it is 12 months.

What do I have to do to rent an apartment?

You rent your apartment through our digital partner Placed GmbH. For your application you need the following documents: self-disclosure, proof of income (from you personally, your parents or a surety), Schufa -> forms can be downloaded at our digital partner Placed GmbH. If you have a question, you can post it in the comments field. Due to the high demand for our apartments, we recommend that you choose a second apartment that you like in addition to your favourite apartment and also communicate this in the comments field.

How does the online rental process work?

We explain how the online rental process works in just five simple steps: -> five steps to the rental agreement

Can I have look at the apartment beforehand?

You can view the apartment on a 360° tour.

How does digital management work?

Our digital partner Placed GmbH provides you with your personal tenant app. You can use it to manage everything: your documents are stored here, you can contact us with questions or if there's ever a problem in your apartment. You book your washing machine, pay easily and can even let your mother into the apartment while the professor overruns their lecture...

How does my Wi-Fi work?

You have your own virtual Wi-Fi network throughout the entire complex. When you move in, you will receive your personal access data via the tenant app, which you shouldn’t give to anyone else. There is also a fiber-optic LAN connection in your apartment and you also have the option of booking bandwidth via Telekom at your own expense.

What kind of equipment does my apartment have?

Each apartment is equipped with a pantry (BOSCH appliances: dishwasher, ceramic stovetop, oven, fridge-freezer, extractor fan). There is a built-in wardrobe, a shelf with a mirror and two ceiling lights. Your apartment has a feel-good bathroom with a large mirror, storage, a towel warmer and walk-in shower. You will always have warm feet, because your apartment has underfloor heating and a balcony/loggia with wooden flooring. A curtain rail is already mounted above all windows.

How can I furnish my apartment?

You can furnish your apartment according to your taste. If you want to hang pictures, you can do it with special adhesive nails, because drilling, doweling and hammering nails is not allowed. This applies to walls, window frames and doors. The walls must remain white and wallpapering is also not allowed. When you move out, everything must be the same as before.

Where can I park my bike?

You can access the bike box in the underground car park directly from the Veloroute via a dedicated bike ramp. There, your bike is safe and dry.

Is there a storeroom in the basement of the apartment?

Yes, each apartment has its own storage room in the basement.

Where can I do my laundry?

Lieblingsplatz has two laundromats, each with three washing machines and two dryers. The entire process is possible via your WeWash app: availability, booking, payment, message after the program is finished.

Are there community rooms?

Lieblingsplatz has 8 common spaces: twice each coworking, sports, chilling, washing. There is a hip gastronomy in the pavilion in the courtyard with a roof terrace and a stand for chilling in the sun.

Is there a contact person on site?

Yes and no. If you have a concern, you let us know via your tenant app and we then decide whether someone has to come to you or whether we can solve your problem otherwise. If you still want to talk to someone, you can call our digital manager:
Placed-Hotline +49 30 99405770

How safe am I in Lieblingsplatz?

We have cameras in most common areas, building entrances, underground parking including the bike box, and in Lieblingsplatz. The footage is stored with an outside vendor and can be viewed if there is a special occasion. Of course, there are also smoke detectors that are regularly maintained.

How do I receive my parcel when I am not there?

Your address must contain your apartment number in addition to your name and if direct delivery is not possible, Lieblingsplatz has its own parcel station, which is accepted/used by established parcel delivery companies.